Officers 2017

The Officers for 2017 were installed on Saturday, January 27, 2017.

Front Row:

  • Bro. James Daigle (Senior Deacon)
  • Bro. Dylan Card (Junior Deacon)
  • Wor.. Kenny Tripp (Master) (207) 557-8275
  • Bro. Donald Drake (Junior Warden)
  • Bro. Rudolph Kyllonen, Jr.

Second Row:

  • R.W. Richard Bergeron, Jr (Senior Warden)
  • Bro. Stacy Ballard (Organist)
  • Bro. Basil Chadbourne, Jr. (Treasurer)
  • Bro. Michael Downing (Chaplain)
  • Bro. Jonathan Fields (Secretary) – (808) 782-9933 cell

Missing from photo:

  • Bro. Peter Ford, Sr (Marshal)
  • Bro. David Madore (Senior Steward)
  • Bro. Randy Madore (Junior Steward)

Other pictures from Installation:


dsc_0017 dsc_0016
dsc_0042 dsc_0033

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