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Tyrian Lodge’s new flag pole

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Freemasons bring ‘Bikes for Books’
to RSU 16’s Elm Street School

 Mechanic Falls, Maine – April 25, 2014 – Maine Freemasons sponsor the “Bikes for Books” program to encourage students to read. This year some 90 Masonic Lodges throughout Maine will present nearly 1,000 bicycles to children participating in reading programs in local schools and public libraries. Evidence shows that schools participating in the program are witnessing improved reading scores among their students.

Reading can be a pleasurable lifelong journey; from parents and grandparents reading picture books to toddlers, to seniors sitting in their favorite chairs curled up with a good book. Books enlighten, inspire, bring happiness and success, challenge our perspectives and provide comfort at difficult times in our lives.

It’s essential to establish a love for reading early in life. Towards that end, Elm Street School in Mechanic Falls is pleased to join with Tyrian Masonic Lodge to bring the “Bikes for Books” program to students in grades kindergarten through six. The objectives of the program are threefold: first, to increase student reading and comprehension skills; second, to recognize positive student achievements; and third, to provide an attainable goal, with life enhancing results.

Students are invited to participate in the program, and each time they read an age appropriate book, their name will go into the drawing; the more they read, the better their chances of winning a bike and safety helmet. For each book the student read, they had one chance towards the bike drawings.

On Friday, April 18th at the school’s assembly, one girl and one boy from each grade won a Huffy bicycle and a helmet. Approximately 300 students read over 650 books.

Contributions towards next year’s event may be made payable to Tyrian Masonic Lodge and mailed to the lodge at P.O. Box 151, Mechanic Falls, ME 04256. For more information on this program, please contact Rudy Kyllonen of Tyrian Lodge at 207-576-1597 or rkylon@gmail.com.

Freemasonry, the world’s oldest and largest fraternity, seeks to bring together men of every country, religion, race, background, and opinion and develop the bonds of friendship between them. Through a large variety of North American Masonic philanthropies, approximately $3,000,000 is given to charity every day, 70% of which benefits the general public. During its initiation ceremony, which uses symbolism and allegory, its members are encouraged to value principles, ethics, and morality and to live their lives accordingly. By “making good men better,” Freemasonry positively benefits its members, families and communities. For additional information, visit mainemason.org.


Volunteers from Tyrian Masonic Lodge from left to right; Donald Drake, Rudy Kyllonen, III, Rudy Kyllonen, Jr, Leonard Lamoreau, Jeffrey Coolidge, and Peter Ford


Students from Elm Street school in Mechanic Falls eagerly await to see who wins the bicycles

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